Your calendar enables you to book an appointment with just a few clicks.

  • Open availability is represented by the white appointment slots.

  • Grey space represents the time outside of your working hours.

  • The floating red line indicates the current date and time.

Each staff member gets their own calendar, which you can access using tabs (see above). The free version of Setmore supports up to 4 staff calendars. Pro accounts receive exclusive tools for 2 staff, and Team accounts get the same for 3 or more staff.

Note: If a customer self-schedules an appointment through your Booking Page, the details automatically land in your calendar. That way, you don't double-book!

Booking an appointment

Click anywhere in your calendar to create a new appointment.

The appointment details pop-up will appear. This includes dropdown menus to select a service provider, service, and date and time. There's also a space to add notes. Click 'Continue' to specify the customer.

You can either add a new customer or search for an existing customer. If the customer's information is already stored in Setmore, it'll populate automatically.

Click 'Save' and the appointment will appear in your calendar.

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