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Reserve with Google
Reserve with Google

Get bookings from Google Search and Maps results

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Reserve with Google enables a 'Book' button to appear in your Google Business Profile. When clicked, this button directs Google users to your Booking Page, where they can schedule an appointment.

A ‘Book’ button is invaluable to converting motivated leads from Google Search and Maps. When people are comparing services in their area, your Business Profile provides a snapshot of what you offer and they can reserve right away. Every service has its own 'Book' button, so customers can schedule your specialties directly. No waiting, no need for them to call a competitor.

What the ‘Book’ button looks like:

As Google users are routed to your Booking Page, all new appointments display in your Setmore calendar as usual.

Your location and industry 🌍

Reserve with Google is available in 80+ countries: View the full list from Google

If your business location is supported, check whether you’re able to accept bookings only, or bookings and payments through Reserve with Google.

Currently, retail businesses cannot enable Reserve with Google. Financial related Professional Services (ex: Accountant, Tax) are enabled only in the US and Canada at the moment. See the full list here.

Please ensure that you meet Google’s location and industry criteria before trying to connect your Setmore account. We'll update you when Google makes Reserve with Google available to more locations and industries.


To enable Reserve with Google, your business must meet the following requirements:

Your service menu in Setmore must also meet Google’s formatting requirements:

  • Service names cannot contain special characters or symbols, e.g. @#$%.

  • Services in your Setmore account require a cost. To assign a cost to a service, head to Settings > Services. Click a service and add a value to the ‘Cost’ form field.

Connecting Reserve with Google

  1. In your Setmore web app, navigate to Integrations and click the Reserve with Google tile. If you don't see the tile, your business doesn’t meet the industry and/or location criteria described earlier.

2. Click the Connect button on the right-hand side of the integration card.

3. Check that your business address and service information is correct, and that you have a verified Google Business Profile.

4. When ready, click ‘Save’. You’ll receive a confirmation message that Reserve with Google is connected to your Setmore account.

Setmore will push your request to Google. It typically takes 1-3 days for changes to take effect, but it can take up to 14 days. Once approved by Google, a 'Book' button will appear in your Business Profile.

Disconnecting Reserve with Google

  1. In your Setmore web app, navigate to Integrations and click the Reserve with Google tile again.

2. Click the Disconnect button in the lower-left corner of the card.

3. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation that you’d like to disconnect Reserve with Google. Click Disconnect.

Note: It will take up to 24 hours for Setmore and Reserve with Google to disconnect.

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