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Your Booking Page URL

Empower customers to self-book your services online.

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What is a Booking Page URL?

Your Booking Page URL is the '' web address that opens your Setmore Booking Page. You can customize the first part of this URL to make it easier to remember and promote.

Ideally, your Booking Page URL includes your business name. But you might also consider using a mashup of memorable words, like your industry + your business' location (e.g.

Every URL is unique. If your idea is already in use, simply come up with an alternative.

Can I use my own domain instead of the Setmore subdomain for my Booking Page?

At this time we do not support custom domain names for Booking Pages. However, you can embed your Booking Page on a custom domain (or website) that you own. This can be done using an iframe or a 'Book now' button.

Customizing your Booking Page URL

1. Open your web app and navigate to Settings > Booking Page.

2. In the 'Overview' section, you'll see your current Booking Page URL.

3. To edit the URL, click the pencil icon to its right.

4. Enter a new URL and click Save. A pop-up will appear in which you would select Yes Confirm.

Note: If you have downloaded a Setmore QR code, it will become inactive. You'll need to generate a new one and reshare it. This is because your code is directly linked to your Booking Page URL.

Sharing your Booking Page URL🤝

To increase engagement with your Booking Page, ensure you include its URL in your online and offline marketing. For maximum exposure, consider adding links across:

  • Your website

  • Your email signature

  • Social media profiles

  • Business cards

  • Flyers, brochures, and other print media

The list goes on. Read more about setting up, customizing, and promoting your Booking Page in our ultimate guide.

Share your Booking Page URL from mobile

  1. Go to Settings > Booking Page

  2. Tap the share arrow.

  3. Choose an app from the pop-up to share your Booking Page URL, or manually copy it to your clipboard for pasting.

When customers click your Booking Page URL, they can quickly view your services and availability, and book appointments in no time.

Note: You can only customize your Booking Page from the desktop app or in your browser.

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