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Started to offer your services online? Streamline the scheduling process for 1:1 appointments and group classes with the Setmore-Zoom integration. Each time a booking is made through your calendar or Booking Page, Setmore automates a Zoom link and fires it over to you and your guests. Meet customers online and host consultations, webinars, workshops, and more.

Integration Notes🎥

  • This integration is one-way

  • The Zoom integration lets you assign one Zoom User ID to a staff profile.

  • Only the admin of the Zoom account/a user with admin access can authorize the integration.

  • Your staff members and customers must download the Zoom app to join a meeting.

  • Each Zoom User ID has a limit of 100 create/update requests per day. Zoom will not create a video meeting link for appointments and classes if requests exceed this amount.

  • This integration is available on the web and mobile apps.

Enable your Zoom integration (Web app)

  1. Log into your Setmore account and go to Integrations > Zoom.

2. Click the Connect button on the left side of the integration window.

3. Enter your Zoom account’s username and password, then click the ‘Sign In’ button.

Grant Setmore permission to automatically create and add Zoom meetings to your appointments.

4. Click ‘Assign Zoom User’ to connect Zoom User IDs with corresponding staff profiles in Setmore.

5. Choose from existing Zoom User IDs that are available in your Zoom account.

6. You’ll be prompted to choose services and classes that should be video-enabled.

Click Finish to save your changes. The Zoom integration is activated! A Zoom meeting link will be created when a video-enabled service or class is booked.

Disconnect your Zoom integration (Web app)

  1. Go to Integrations > Zoom.

2. In the Zoom integration card, click the 'Deactivate' button.

New appointments and classes will not have Zoom links added to them. Zoom meeting links for previously booked video appointments and classes will also be removed.

Need some help?🙋‍♂️

If you require further assistance in setting up the Zoom integration, contact Team Setmore at help@setmore.com, call +1 (877) 989-7413 or start a chat from inside your Setmore app.

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