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Customize your new Booking Page
Customize your new Booking Page

Explore different ways to highlight your brand on your new Booking Page.

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By customizing your Booking Page, you give every visitor a solid first impression of your brand and service quality. Showcase your logo, brand color, images, reviews, a custom message and more.

Note: To accept payments through your new Booking Page, please enable the Square integration. Other payment integrations are not yet compatible.

Enable your new Booking Page

  1. In the ‘Your all-new Booking Page is waiting’ section, click the ‘Turn on’ button. When your new Booking Page is enabled, this will turn into a 'Turn off' button.

Add your logo and banner image

  1. Scroll to ‘Your brand details’.

  2. Hover over the house icon and click 'Upload logo'. Select an image.

  3. Click ‘+ Upload banner image’ and select an image. Your image must be 5MB or less and in PNG, JPEG, JPG or AVF format.

Complete your essential brand details

  • Update your contact details, and add a description of your business to the 'About' field.

  • Don't forget to drop in your site and social media links for maximum exposure.

  • Craft a custom welcome message to bring attention to pre-booking information, new services or special offers.

5. Click 'Save' in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Customize the appearance

Personalize the visuals of your new Booking Page by showcasing your brand colors, adding photos and choosing from light or dark mode.

  1. Next to ‘Your Booking Page URL’, click the ‘Customize’ button.

A new browser window will open with your customization dashboard. Be sure to click 'Save' in the top-right corner to apply any changes.

Brand color

  1. In the left-hand menu, find ‘Brand color’.

  2. Select from the preset palette or click ‘More options’ to find more colors.

Note: Add a Hex code for that perfect match to your branding. Use Image Color Picker or similar online dropper tools to find your brand's exact color code.

Button shape

In 'More options', you can also select the shape of your Booking Page's 'Book' button. Use the 'Button shape' drop-down menu to confirm.

Light or dark mode

  1. In the left-hand menu, find ‘Appearance’.

  2. Select from 'System', 'Dark' or 'Light' mode for your new Booking Page. If you select 'System', your Booking Page's appearance will differ based on each visitor's device settings.

Photo gallery

  1. In the left-hand menu, find 'Photos'. Click the '+' button.

  2. Select photos to upload from your device. Images must be 5MB or less and in PNG, JPEG, JPG or AVF format.

Your photo gallery appears in the top-right corner of your new Booking Page. Four photos are displayed here; customers can view your full gallery by clicking 'Show all’.

Need to make room? Hover over a photo and click the trash icon to delete it.

Customize your new Booking Page and show the world why your business is one in a million. To get started, open your app settings and click the 'Turn on' button.

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