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Connect your Setmore account with Google Meet to book and host crystal-clear video meetings.

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Video-enabled services can be scheduled through your calendar and Booking Page. As soon as an appointment is added, you and your guest receive a Google Meet video link in your email confirmations.

Make it easy to offer your services online and reach more customers with your skills. You can even monetize your video meetings with Booking Page payment options.

Ready to integrate with Google Meet? Here’s how to do it in 4 simple steps.

Enable your Setmore and Google Meet integration

  1. Log into your Setmore web app with your Google credentials and navigate to Integrations > Google Meet.

2. Click the Connect button.

3. You’ll see a pop-up that tells you activation was successful.

4. To enable Google Meet video meetings, select ‘Go to Staff’.

5. Within your staff profile, toggle the ‘Google Sync’ switch on. Each staff member who will use Google Meet will need to do this within their own profile.

6. Go to Settings > Services and select the services to be video-enabled. Google Meet video links are automatically created when these services are booked.

Disconnect your Google Meet integration (Web app)

  1. In your Setmore web app, head to Integrations > Google Meet.

2. There is a ‘Disconnect’ button on the left side of the card. Click it.

3. A prompt will appear asking you for confirmation. Select ‘Disconnect’ once again.

4. A pop-up will tell you deactivation was successful.

Note: Currently, Google Meet links can be generated for 1:1 appointments only. Links are accessible in your calendar (under the ‘Appointment Details’ for individual bookings) and in your email confirmations. At the start time of your video meeting, just click the link to join.

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