The Calendar is where you’ll book appointments. Your availability is represented by white space (grey space represents time outside your working hours). The floating red line indicates the current day and time. 


Each staff member gets their own calendar, and you can tab through to see each one. The free version of Setmore supports up to 4 staff calendars, which you can add advanced features and increase with a Premium or Pro subscription.

  • Note: If a customer self-books an appointment, their appointment will also show up here.

Booking an appointment

Click anywhere on the calendar to start a new appointment.


The Appointment menu includes dropdown menus for Provider, Service, Day/Time, and space for any additional notes you may have. Click “Continue” to add a customer.

Customer tab in Appointment Window

You can either add a new customer, or search from existing customers. For existing customers, their contact information will populate automatically.

An appointment on the Setmore calendar

Click Save, and the appointment will show up on your calendar.


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