With the Square integration or the Stripe integration, you can require customers to place a deposit on their appointments when scheduling online through your Booking Page. After the appointment takes place, you may then collect the remainder of the payment due through your Setmore calendar. We'll cover both methods in the instructions below. Please note that you must have either the Square or Stripe integration activated in order to do this.

Enabling customer deposits from the Booking Page

1. Navigate to Settings (gear icon in left menu) > Payments > Booking Page.

Enabling Payments on the Booking Page through the Setmore web app

2. In Step 1, click the On/Off switch to the "On" position to enable taking payments from the Booking Page. In Step 2, use the dropdown menu to select "Collect Full Payment" at the time of booking. Lastly in Step 3, click the "+Charges or Reductions" button. This is how we will add the deposit threshold.

Specifying if payments is optional or mandatory at the time of booking

3. The "Create Charge or Reduction" menu will appear. For Type, select "Reduction." Under name, enter "Deposit" or your preferred name (keep in mind that what you enter here will be visible to customers). For "Apply as," choose Percentage, and then specify the percentage. Keep in mind that this percentage is being applied as a reduction to the overall cost of the service; so if you require a 20% deposit, enter a reduction of 80% (and vice versa). Click "Save Changes" when everything looks good.

Creating a reduction for appointments booked through the Booking Page

4. You will now see the percentage reduction appear under step 3.

The reduction applied for payments on the Booking Page

What it looks like for customers on your Booking Page

When customers are scheduling an appointment, they'll be prompted to pay for the service minus the percentage you specified in the previous steps. The listed price of the service will be the full amount, but the amount required at the time of booking is effectively your customer deposit.

The Payment Screen when customers book appointments

Taking the remainder of a customer's payment at time of service

1. In your Setmore calendar, click on the appointment for which you would like to process the payment, then click the "Edit Appointment" link at the bottom of the details window.

The Edit Appointment link on the Appointment Details window

2. Next click either the payment tab at the top of the frame, or the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the frame.

The Payment tab for a booked appointment

3. You will see the deposit already listed as the first payment under Payment History. To enter a second payment, click the "New Payment" button.

Viewing the customer deposit collected for the appointment

4. Enter the details of the transaction, but be sure to reduce the total cost by the amount already paid. You can do this either by manually entering a new dollar amount under "Purchases," or by applying a new discount via the red "discount" link under Purchase(s). When everything looks good, click the "Charge Customer" button.

Generating an invoice for the due amount after the collecting the deposit

5. The appointment's Payment History will now show both payments made.

Payment history with the deposit and rest of the service fee
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