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Take Payments with Stripe
Take Payments with Stripe

Use Stripe to take customer card payments in Setmore

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The Stripe integration enables you to accept payments through your calendar and Booking Page. Transaction details are also linked with appointment histories, making it easier to track inbound revenue.

Your customers can check out using digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay with Stripe. Simply enable this feature in your Stripe Dashboard—refer to their support article for illustrated instructions.

Top tip: Your customers must have Apple Pay or Google Pay to use this feature. Wallet availability depends on the browser they use.


  1. You’ll need Setmore account and a Stripe account to set up this integration. Click here to check if Stripe is available in your country.

  2. Stripe charges a small percentage fee per transaction. Click here for more information.

Activate the Stripe integration.

1. Navigate to Settings > Payments and choose ‘Stripe’.


2. Click the Connect button and enter your Stripe account credentials when prompted.



You can deactivate this integration at any time by heading to Settings > Payments > Stripe and clicking the ‘Deactivate Stripe’ button.


Accept a payment with Setmore and Stripe.

  • Go to Settings > Payments > Booking Page Payments to accept payments through your Booking Page. This enables customers to schedule and pay for appointments online.

To take payment through your calendar, select the relevant appointment to bring up the details window.


Click Payment > New Payment > Continue and enter the customer’s payment information.


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