Square simplifies point-of-sale transactions and payment management for your business. By combining Square with Setmore, you can book customer appointments and take payments online or in-person through the Setmore calendar.

**Note: Only users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia may activate the Square integration.

Before we begin, you’ll need to have both a Setmore account and a Square account already set up. You can use Square with the free version of Setmore, no Premium subscription required!

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What you’ll find in this support article

In this article we’ll go over how to do the following in the Setmore mobile app:

  • Access the Payment Options menu
  • Activate the Square-Setmore integration
  • Activate taking payments from your public Booking Page
  • Viewing payment history
  • Take a payment for an appointment on your Setmore calendar.
  • (For Desktop/Laptop) Activate the Square-Setmore integration

You may also learn how to take payments for expanded use cases (classes, Booking Page, recurring appointments, etc.) by referencing the support articles listed here:


Accessing payment options

Navigate to Account > Payments. 

From here you can:

Tap Square to activate the integration.

Tap Customer Booking to enable taking payments from your public Booking Page.

Tap Payment History to see a chronological list of all transactions made in Setmore.


Activating the Square-Setmore integration

From the Square welcome screen, tap the button “Connect to Square app.”

From the Square Settings menu, tap the toggle switch to begin the activation process.

You’ll be prompted to log in with your Square account and authorize data permissions for the Setmore platform.

Note: Setmore acts as a go-between for any payment or transactional data that’s sent to and from your Square account. Customer credit card numbers are never stored on a Setmore server.

The integration is now activated and you may start taking payments immediately.


Customer booking and payments from the Booking Page

Your Booking Page is a public-facing webpage that’s linked to your Setmore calendar. It lists your services, staff, availability and contact info. Customers can book their own appointments online and they’ll show up directly on your Setmore calendar.

With the Square integration, you can let customers pay upfront for their appointments as they book them online. 

From the Customer Booking menu, tap the toggle switch to enable customer booking.

Under the prompt, “Is payment required at the time of booking?”, you can select whether to make payment required or optional. If payment is optional, customers can book their appointment without submitting a payment.

Under the prompt, ‘Do you want to apply extra fees or reductions?”, you can add an automatic tax or discount that will apply to all transactions made through your Booking Page. Do this if you want to incentivize customers to pay upfront (e.g. offer a 10% discount for paying online), or tax customers for paying online (e.g. charge a 5% convenience fee for paying online). 

On your Booking Page, after customers select their service, provider, and date/time, they’ll then be prompted to submit a payment in order to confirm their appointment. Their slot will be reserved for 5 minutes (a timer appears in the top center above the payment frame) in order to complete the transaction.


Payment history

The Payment History menu lists all transactions in chronological order. Tap on a payment listing to open its details menu.

From here you can issue a refund for the transaction by tapping “Issue Refund.”


Taking a payment from the mobile app

Tap an appointment on your calendar or agenda to open the Appointment details screen.

In the Appointment Details screen, tap Payment to open the Payment details window.

By default, the transaction will show the initial cost of the service, but you may add on more service items (e.g. shampoo) or a discount as needed. Tap Next in the top right corner to process the transaction.

The Square prompt will appear, and you may now tap, dip, or swipe the customer’s credit card to complete the transaction.


Activating the Square-Setmore integration from a desktop/laptop

Activating the Square-Setmore integration from a desktop or laptop computer will reflect in your account when you log in from a mobile device, and vice versa. While we recommend using the Square integration primarily from your iOS or Android-based phone, you may also use the Square integration from your laptop computer, and take a payment, if needed. 

Navigate to Settings > Payments and select Square.

In the Square details menu, click the “Activate” button.

You’ll be prompted to log in with your Square account and grant permission for Setmore. Once confirmed, the integration will be activated and you can start taking payments immediately.

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