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Connect Setmore to PayPal and accept online payments for your services.

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Accept secure payments through your Booking Page with PayPal, Venmo, credit/debit cards and more.

Note: If you enabled this integration before 13 June 2024, you'll need to resync and connect your PayPal Business account. Find out more.

Enable the PayPal integration (Web app)

To enable PayPal, you need to have a PayPal Business account. Either upgrade or create a new Business account before completing these steps. If you try to log in with a Personal account, you will be directed to set up a Business account:

  1. Go to Settings > Payments > PayPal.


  2. In the PayPal integration tile, click 'Connect'.​


  3. In the pop-up, confirm your email address and country, then click 'Next'.

    If your email is associated with a Personal account or you don’t have one, you will be directed to set up a Business account.

  4. Enter your PayPal login details and click ‘Login’ or enter your details to create one.


    5. A 'Thanks for signing up!' message will appear. Click 'Go back to Setmore Inc' to finish.

Note: You must complete step 5 to ensure your PayPal account is connected successfully.

How to enable Booking Page payments (Web app)

  1. In your web app, go to Settings > Payments > Booking Page payments.

  2. You'll see a toggle switch labelled 'Accept Booking Page payments'. Switch it on.


Customers can now pay for appointments in advance and you can make prepayment optional or mandatory.

When mandatory, your customer needs to pay online before their appointment is confirmed. After the transaction, they receive a digital receipt and email confirmation.

Note: ‘Require payment upfront’ will return to default (the off position) when you disconnect any payment integration. To make Booking Page payments mandatory, ensure it’s switched on.

How it looks on your Booking Page

Once connected what your customers see when paying depends on certain factors.

  • All customers will have the option to pay using the PayPal Buy Now button. Once clicked, customers can pay using their PayPal account or use the guest checkout by entering their card details.

  • If eligible, customers can pay using advanced credit and debit card payments. This streamlined checkout flow allows them to enter their card number, CVV and expiration date on the initial screen. Read PayPal’s support article for more information and eligibility.

    • Advanced credit and debit card payments will be hidden on your Booking Page if you do not meet the criteria. Don’t worry, customers can still pay through the PayPal gateway and guest checkout.

  • If you operate in the US, your customers will also have the option to pay with Venmo. Refer to PayPal’s support article for instructions.

Switch to a PayPal Business account now🤝

To ensure functional payment processing, PayPal requires you to connect a Business account to Setmore.

After this, resync your PayPal integration:

  1. Click 'Disconnect'.

  2. In the pop-up, confirm by clicking 'Yes, disconnect'.

  3. Refresh the page.

  4. Reopen the PayPal integration card, click 'Connect' and confirm your Business account details.

    (See 'Enable the PayPal integration (Web app)' at the top of this article for more).

Once complete, ensure that you switch on 'Require payment upfront' again if you want to make Booking Page payments mandatory, as this setting will toggle off when you disconnect your payment integration.

Note: If you connected a PayPal Business account before 13 June 2024, you must still reset this integration or payments may not be processed.


Can I take in-person payments from my calendar?

No, unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t have this functionality.

Why is my PayPal checkout experience limited on my Booking Page?

Your customers may only see the PayPal Buy Now button due to advanced credit and debit card payments not being supported on your account. For more eligibility information, read this support article.

What should I do if I’m having difficulty processing payments?

  • Ensure you have re-synced your PayPal integration with a Business account after 13 June 2024.

  • Check in the PayPal dashboard for any pending checks or notifications that may impact your payment processing.

  • Reach out to the Setmore support team for assistance.

Can I issue a refund through the app?

Yes. Simply, go to the appointment where the payment was made and open the payment window. From there, click ‘Issue refund’ and enter the amount. Click ‘Refund’ and you’re all set. For illustrated instructions, read our support article.

Can I set up recurring payments?

No. Subscriptions or recurring payments aren’t a feature on Setmore just yet, but we are working towards it.

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