Connect Setmore to PayPal and accept online payments for your services.

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Accept secure payments through your Booking Page and calendar with PayPal, Venmo, credit/debit cards and more.

Note: If you enabled this integration before 10 September 2023, you'll need to reset it and connect a PayPal Business account. Find out more

Enable the PayPal integration (Web app)

  1. In your web app, go to Settings > Payments.


  2. Click the PayPal tile and the integration card will open. Click the 'Connect' button on the right side of the card.


  3. In the pop-up, confirm the email address and country associated with your PayPal account. Click 'Next'.

  4. Enter your PayPal login details and click ‘Log in’.


    5. A 'Thanks for signing up!' message will appear. Click 'Go back to Setmore Inc' to finish.

Note: You must complete step 5 to ensure your PayPal account is connected successfully.

Taking payments through your calendar (Web app)

  1. Open your calendar and select an appointment.

  2. In the appointment details window, click 'Payment'.

  3. Click the 'Take payment' button.

  4. Confirm the payment details and click 'Continue'.

  5. Select 'Card' and enter your customer's card details. Click 'Pay' to finish.

How to enable Booking Page payments (Web app)

  1. In your web app, go to Settings > Payments.

  2. You'll see a toggle switch labelled 'Accept Booking Page payments'. Switch it on.


This allows customers to pay for appointments in advance. You can make prepayment optional or mandatory. When mandatory, your customer needs to pay online before their appointment is confirmed. After the transaction, they receive a digital receipt and email confirmation.

If you enable the PayPal integration and accept Booking Page payments, your customers will also see a Venmo option.

Switch to a PayPal Business account now🤝

To maintain uninterrupted payment processing, PayPal requires you to connect a Business account to Setmore.

After this, reset your PayPal integration:

  1. In your web app, go to Integrations > PayPal.

  2. Click 'Disconnect' in the lower-right corner of the integration card.

  3. In the pop-up, confirm by clicking 'Yes, disconnect'.

  4. Refresh the page.

  5. Reopen the PayPal integration card, click 'Connect' and confirm your Business account details.

    (See 'Enable the PayPal integration (Web app)' at the top of this article for more).

Note: If you initially connected a PayPal Business account, you must still reset this integration to prevent disruptions.

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