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Discounts, Receipts, and Refunds
Discounts, Receipts, and Refunds

Additional payment options during/after processing a transaction

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When logging a payment in Setmore, either through the cash register system, through our Square integration, or through our Stripe integration, you have the opportunity to apply a discount at every checkout.

Once a payment is logged, you may also retrieve the receipt for it at any time, or issue a refund. We'll go through each process in the instruction sets below.

Discounting a payment at checkout 🛍️

1. In your Setmore calendar, click on the appointment for which you would like to take a payment.


2. In the Appointment Details pop-up, click the Payment section.


3. In the Appointment window, click the Take Payment button.


4. Fill out the details for a cash or card payment as you would usually.

5. Here, you can enter a percentage of discount you wish to offer the customer.


6. Once you've checked all the Payment Details, click Continue.


7. Choose the customers payment method for this transaction.


7. Once the payment successfully goes through, you'll be issued a digital receipt. From here you can either issue a refund or print the receipt.


Retrieving a stored receipt

Receipts can be accessed through the Payment tab of any appointment in your calendar.

Once you take the first payment of an appointment, the payment tab will automatically convert into a Payment History that lists all previous payments, and the payment status, whether Paid or Refunded. Click on the payment entry to access the digital receipt.

Issuing a refund

1. From the Payment Receipt window, click the red "Issue Refund" link at the bottom of the frame.


2. On the next screen, use the form field to enter the dollar amount of the refund. When everything looks good, click the "Issue Refund" button.


3. In the appointment's Payment History, the payment will now display as Refunded.


Note: Once issued, a refund will take 5-10 business days to reflect in your customer’s account.

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