The Stripe integration will enable you to take customer payments through your dashboard calendar, plus you'll have the option to allow customers to make payments through your online Booking Page. This integration also links payment data with appointment histories, making it easier to track business transactions.

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  1. You will need Setmore Pro and a Stripe account to set up this integration. Click here to check if Stripe is an operational payment gateway in your country.

  2. Also note that Stripe charges a small percentage fee per transaction. Click here for more information.

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Activating Stripe in the mobile app

  • Go to Account > Payments.

  • Tap on the Stripe Integration card, and then tap the option to Activate Stripe. 

Tapping on the Stripe card
  • When prompted, enter the username and password of your Stripe account to complete activating the integration.

Once the integration is activated, you may deactivate it at any time under the Account > Payments > Stripe menu. Just tap the Activated switch to deactivate it.

Configuring and accepting payments

  • Tap on the Customer Booking to accept payments on the Booking page. You can also add discounts and taxes for payments made via the Booking Page.

  • To take a payment for an appointment, tap the appointment in your calendar and select Payment. When prompted, input your customer’s payment card number and complete the transaction.

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Activating Stripe in the web app

  • First, navigate to Settings > Payments and choose Stripe.

  • Click the Activate Stripe Payments button and enter your Stripe account credentials when prompted to complete the integration.

The Activate Stripe Payments button on the web app

You may deactivate the integration at any time by going to Settings > Payments > Stripe and clicking the Deactivate Stripe button.

Configuring and accepting payments

Go to Settings > Payments > Booking Page to activate taking payments from your Booking Page. This will let customers pay as they book online. Click here to learn more >

Enabling payments on the Setmore Booking Page

To take payments for appointments on your calendar, click on the appointment to bring up the details menu and click Edit Appointment. From here, click the Payment tab and enter the customer’s payment information.

Click the Pay Now button on the Appointment Details to accept payments
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