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Track Payment History and Refund Deleted Appointments
Track Payment History and Refund Deleted Appointments

Generate a spreadsheet of all customer payment data reported in Setmore

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Setmore automatically keeps track of every cash or card payment made with your account. Full transaction data can be accessed at any time in a printable/exportable spreadsheet, straight from the Settings menu.

This comprehensive history includes transaction data tied to every appointment for which a payment was logged. So even if you deleted the appointment off your calendar, you can still find payment details for it in your Payment History, and also issue a refund if needed.

Accessing your payment history

1. Navigate to Settings > Payments > History. You will see a listing of recent transactions made through your Setmore account.

2. To widen or narrow the date range, click the date button at the top center, right above the table. Use the pop-up calendar to specify start and end dates, then click outside the calendar to save your settings. It may take a few minutes for the table to parse the data.

3. You may click the column headers to sort available data in ascending or descending order. You may also use the search field to narrow your results by a specific term. Click Generate.

4. And lastly, you may export the data to a .XLS spreadsheet by clicking the Download as CSV button in the top right.

Retrieving a PDF receipt for a past payment

1. In the Reciept column, you will find hyperlinks that open a digital receipt of the transaction in a new tab. You may print these receipts for your records.

Refunding an appointment, even if it was deleted

1. In the Refund column, you may click the Refund link to open the appointment's payment details window.

Here you can refund the appointment cost back to the customer, even if you previously deleted the appointment from your Setmore calendar.

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