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Payments for Recurring Appointments
Payments for Recurring Appointments

Take a cash or card payment for a recurring appointment

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Logging a payment for a recurring appointment is slightly different from the usual process due to the fact that all recurring appointments are linked in the back-end of the system.

When a customer pays for a recurring appointment, however, you may only log a payment for one appointment at a time. We'll show you how in the instructions below.

Note: that you need either the Square integration, the Stripe integration, or the Setmore Cash Register feature activated in order to log a payment.

Taking a payment for a recurring appointment

1. In your Setmore calendar, click on the appointment for which you'd like to issue a payment. In the Appointment Details pop-up, click the "Edit Appointment" link at the bottom of the frame.

2. Make the desired changes to your appointment. Upon changing, click save. You will be prompted to choose between editing just this one appointment, or all appointments in the recurring chain.

3. In the Appointment window, select Payment and ‘New Payment’

4. In the Payment tab, fill in the customer's payment details as you normally would and click the Pay button when everything looks good.

5. If the payment goes through successfully, you'll receive a ‘payment was successful’ message.

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