Create a custom pop-up that opens front-and-center on your Booking Page. This is a quick and effective way to communicate essential details, right before a customer books.

You can also feature a terms and conditions pop-up. This requires customers to agree to your policy before they continue booking.

These settings are currently exclusive to the Setmore web app. However, once you activate a pop-up in the web app, customers will see it when accessing your Booking Page across desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Add a custom pop-up to your Booking Page

1. Go to 'Apps & Integrations'. Under 'Your Booking Page', click 'Configure'.

2. Select the 'Booking Policies' tab.

3. Scroll to the 'Notes for the Customer' section. Enter your message in the form field and click outside of it to save changes.

4. Lastly, open your Booking Page in a new browser tab and verify that the pop-up appears.

The Booking Page with the notes for customer pop-up

Add terms and conditions to your Booking Page

1. Click Settings > Booking Page > Booking Policies.

2. Next, scroll to the 'Terms & Conditions' section. Enter a label name and paste the web address of your terms and conditions. When ready, click anywhere outside of the form fields to save your changes.

3. Lastly, open your Booking Page in a new browser tab and create a test appointment. When you reach the 'Enter Your Information' step, you'll notice a new checkbox that customers must acknowledge to continue.

Note: Terms and conditions will not appear if the customer is attempting to book a class session.

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