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Add a banner image to your Booking Page
Add a banner image to your Booking Page

Enhance your Booking Page with a custom image, right at the top.

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Heads up: The banner image feature is currently available to new customers only. It'll roll out to everyone shortly!

Feature a photo of your team or location or your choice of on-brand image at the top of your Booking Page. It’s an extra way to make your booking system stand out and highlight your business’ values.

Have social media channels you’d like to shout out? How about a special offer to promote? Consider dropping the details in your banner image so visitors engage right away. Here’s how to display a custom banner image on your Booking Page.

How to upload a banner image (Web app)

1. Go to Settings > Booking Page > Your Business Details


2. Click 'Upload banner image' on the banner image.

3. Select the image you would like as your banner image.


Note: To ensure the banner image looks sharp, the dimensions should be 1200 × 460 pixels, and the image size should be less than 5 MB.


5. Once the image is uploaded, visit your Booking Page to see how it displays.


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