With customer logins, your customers can create a login profile on your Booking Page. This will help save their personal information to make booking future appointments faster, reduce duplicate profiles in your Customers tab, and give customers the ability to reschedule or cancel their own appointments.

Note: Customer logins may only be activated from the Setmore web app

Activating customer logins (web app)

  • Next, scroll down to the Customer Login switch to turn the feature off, on, or required.

Unsure of what setting to use? We recommend the following: 

  • Off for one-time appointments, like job interviews.
  • On and Optional if you have both regular and one-time customers. 
  • On and Required if you mainly work with regular, returning customers.

Customer logins on your Booking Page (web app)

  • Once activated, your customers will now be prompted to sign in or create a new login when scheduling an appointment from your Booking Page.
  • Lost Password? Make sure the customer isn't using a Facebook or Google login. Then, have the customer select Setmore Login > "Forgot Password?" and follow the instructions to send a reset password email.

Rescheduling, cancelling, or changing contact info

Customers may access their profile at any time from the My Account dropdown menu in the top right corner of your Booking Page.

  • From here, customers may click on My Schedule to see upcoming or past appointments. They can also update their contact information or upload a photo avatar under My Profile.
  • To reschedule or cancel an appointment, customers may click the pencil icon to edit the appointment, in each appointment row.
  • Customers may click the pencil icon in a class’ row to cancel their attendance for a session or choose another session to attend. 

Note: The pencil icon will appear on the class row only if the "Send the reschedule appointment/class link to the customer" has been enabled in the notification settings for customer notification and the time of cancellation falls within the cancellation policy. To know more, click here

Customer logins from a mobile device

Your Setmore Booking Page is fully mobile-responsive, which means it will resize to fit any browser on any device. 

  • Customers may access their login profile by tapping the hamburger menu in the top left corner, and then by tapping the green Login button

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