Customer logins can be created by any visitor using your Booking Page. Their unique username and password are attached to a customer profile. This automatically saves their appointment and contact information to make booking faster in future.

Regular customers are able to view their upcoming appointments and update their personal information independently. They can also reschedule or cancel their appointments online.

Account admins use customer logins to cut down on duplicate booking entries and keep up-to-date CRM lists. Your app's 'Customers' tab stores all information associated with one Setmore account.

Note: Customer logins can only be activated through the Setmore web app.

Activating customer logins (Web app)

  1. Go to Settings > Booking Page > Booking Policies.

2. In 'Booking Policies', scroll down to the ‘Booking Flow’ section.

3. Flip the ‘Customer Login' switch to turn this feature on.

4. Tick the checkbox next to the switch to make customer logins mandatory. This signals to customers that they need to create a login to book an appointment.

Note: Leaving the 'Required' box unchecked will allow customers to self-book without creating a login.

Unsure of what setting to use? We recommend the following combinations:

  • Off for one-time appointments (like job interviews)

  • On and optional (unchecked) if you have both regular and one-time customers. Anyone visiting for a one-off appointment is not required to create a login.

  • On and ‘Required’ (checked) if you mainly work with regular customers. This means all new customers must create a profile via your Booking Page.

Customer login FAQs (Web app)

When activated and ‘Required’, your customers are prompted to create a login through your Booking Page.

What should I do if a customer loses their password?

Find out if the customer created a login using Facebook or Google. If so, they'll be required to log in via the particular website directly.

If they created a login using their email address:

1. Ask the customer to click the ‘Login’ button in the top-right of your Booking Page.

2. They should click ‘Setmore Login’ and select ‘Forgot Password?’. The customer will be prompted to follow instructions for a reset password email.

3. The customer can use this email to confirm a new password. It'll be sent to the email address they used to create their customer login.

How do customers reschedule, cancel or update their contact information?

A customer is able to access their profile using the ‘Login’ button on your Booking Page. When logged in, they click their avatar in the top-right corner for specific details.

  • My Schedule’ allows the customer to see their upcoming or past appointments.

  • ‘My Profile’ allows the customer to update their contact information or upload a photo.

To reschedule or cancel an appointment, the customer heads to ‘Appointments’.

To ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ an appointment, the customer clicks the pencil icon.

Edit’ redirects the customer to reschedule an appointment via your Booking Page. ‘Delete’ cancels the appointment.

Note: The pencil icon appears only if you have enabled rescheduling and/or cancelation through your Booking Page and customer emails. You can do this in the notification settings for customers. Additionally, the time of cancelation has to fall within your cancelation policy.

Learn more about customer email alerts >

Can customers log in via their mobile devices?

Yes. Your Booking Page is fully mobile-responsive and resizes to fit browsers on any device. Customers can access their profile by tapping the avatar icon in the top-right and log in via the pop-up.

Empower your customers to take control of their appointments without needing to contact you.

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