Starting in 2020, you can now access the Setmore Premium feature lineup for up to 4 staff members as part of your Live Booking subscription at no additional cost. This means when you sign up for Live Booking, you'll also unlock advanced booking tools:

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Activating Setmore Premium with Live Booking

Access to Setmore Premium will be activated automatically once you confirm your Live Booking payment method. There's no additional action required on your part. 

Note: you may need to activate certain features, such as text reminders or a 2-way calendar sync, in order to benefit from them. Use the links provided in the previous section for instructions on how to use each feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already a Live Booking user. How can I get access to Pro?

No worries! We're activating Premium for all existing Live Booking users, so you too can benefit from this update. Setmore Pro should be activated in your account already, but if you're still unable to use any of the features, contact our 24/7 support team for assistance anytime, day or night:

  • Mobile app users go to More > Support > Chat Us

  • Web app users click the chat bubble in the lower right corner.


How long will my Premium access last?

Access to Setmore Premium will last for as long as your Live Booking subscription remains active. If you choose to discontinue Live Booking for any reason, you will be given the option to continue your Setmore Pro with 2 staff members on your account or switch to Setmore Pro for more than 2 staff profiles by confirming a new payment method. 

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