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iPhone Calendar Sync (1-Way)
iPhone Calendar Sync (1-Way)

Export appointments from Setmore to your iPhone calendar

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When you activate 1-way sync, your Setmore events automatically import into your iPhone calendar.

Note: With 1-way sync, you can't make any changes to Setmore appointments from your iPhone calendar, or export your iPhone events to Setmore.

Initially, 1-way sync adds appointments from one staff calendar to your iPhone calendar. To add more staff calendars, use the instructions below.

(A) Copy your Setmore staff calendar URL (Web app)

1. In the Setmore web app, navigate to Settings > Staff and select the staff member whose calendar you'd like to sync. Click Integrations under the staff name.


2. Scroll down to ‘Link your calendars’ and click the ‘Get Link’ button.


3. Click ‘Copy Link'. The staff calendar link will be added to your clipboard.


4. Email yourself the copied calendar URL.

Note: You'll need to access this email on your iPhone to transfer the long URL string from your desktop or laptop browser.

5. Open the email on your iPhone and copy the calendar URL.

To continue, skip to section (C) of this article.

(B) Copy your staff calendar link (Mobile app)

1. Tap Account > Staff.

2. Select the staff member whose calendar you'd like to sync to your iPhone.

3. Scroll down to ‘1-way Sync’.

4. In the menu, select ‘Copy Calendar URL’ to add the link to your clipboard.

Next, follow the steps in section (C).

(C) Paste the URL into your iPhone calendar

1. Open your iPhone's Settings and tap 'Calendar'.

2. Tap ‘Accounts’ and navigate to ‘Add Account’.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and choose 'Other'.

4. Select ‘Add Subscribed Calendar'.

5. Paste the calendar URL in the space next to 'Server' and tap ‘Next’.

6. Review the subscription sync details. A username and password are not required. You can add a description to specify whose staff calendar you're including. Tap ‘Save’ in the top-right corner and the sync will activate immediately.

Following this procedure will add the calendar of one staff member to your iPhone calendar. To add the calendar of other staff members, repeat the process with another calendar URL.

Note: If you change event information in your iPhone calendar, it will not reflect in your Setmore account. Appointment information does not update for you or your customer. Changes to appointments must be carried out via the Setmore app when using 1-way sync. However, 2-way sync (available on Pro) comes with automatic updates.

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