Display Events in Setmore Calendar (Mobile)

View Google events and Outlook/Office events in your Setmore mobile app [Pro Feature].

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With Pro, you can set up a 2-way sync between your Setmore staff calendar and your Google and Outlook calendars. Once activated, this will automatically export your Setmore events and appointments to your Google calendar, and import your Google events into your Setmore calendar in real-time.

Already activated the 2-way calendar sync in the web app? You can also configure your Setmore mobile app to display Google events and Office 365 events in your calendar.

Display other calendar events

  • Inside your Setmore mobile app, tapAccount’ and choose ‘Settings’.

setmore mobile app settings
  • Scroll down to the ‘View Options’ menu.

  • Tap the switch next to 'Show Google Events' to display Google events in your mobile app.

setmore mobile app google events
  • Tap the switch next to 'Show Outlook Events' to display Outlook events in your mobile app.

setmore mobile app outlook events

Note: When turned on, the switch button will activate and turn blue.

Display weekly income

To display the projected weekly revenue a staff member is set to acquire, simply:

  • Select ‘Account’ and ‘Settings’.

  • Tap the switch next to ‘Show Weekly Income’ to display this in your Setmore calendar.

setmore mobile app weekly income
  • Your Settings will be automatically updated.

  • Navigate back to your Calendar to view Weekly Income stats.

Pro tip: The projected weekly income will only be displayed in your Setmore mobile app calendar when accessing Agenda view [list format]. Projected income stats will not be displayed in the 3-day view.

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