Setmore’s web app lets you sync your staff calendar with your Google and Outlook calendars. If you have already activated the 2-way calendar sync on the web app, you can configure your Setmore mobile app to display Google events and Office 365 events on the calendar page. 

From inside your Setmore app, tap Account and choose Settings.

Tapping the Settings tab under the Account menu

Display other calendar events

  • Tap the switch next to Show Google Events to display Google events in your mobile app.
  • Tap the switch next to Show Outlook Events to display Outlook events in your mobile app.
Enabling Google and Outlook events for the mobile app

View Slot Blockers in the Setmore mobile app

  • Enable the Show Slot Blockers switch to display them in your Mobile app.
The Show Slot Blocker radio switch enabled on the mobile app

Display weekly income

To display the projected weekly revenue a staff is set to acquire over a week:

1. Tap on Account and choose Settings.

2. Tap the switch next to Show Weekly Income to display the weekly income.

Enabling the display of weekly income for the iOS app

3. The weekly income will be displayed when you scroll down in the Agenda view. The weekly income stats will not be displayed in 3-day view.

The weekly income displayed in the Agenda view of the Setmore iOS app

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