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AnswerForce is a call and live chat answering service. Gain access to a team of virtual receptionists who book appointments for your customers 24/7.

Integrating Setmore with AnswerForce allows live receptionists to add bookings to your Setmore calendar. Customers can reserve your time when it suits them, even outside of your business hours.

To get started, follow the instructions below.

Integrate Setmore with AnswerForce

  1. Create your AnswerForce account online or call (800) 461-8535.

  2. Ask your representative about Setmore as a partnered scheduling solution. You can select a Free or pro plan.

  3. Following setup, you’ll be able to access Setmore via the AnswerForce dashboard. Simply navigate to Settings > Services > Scheduling.

When a booking is confirmed, your Setmore calendar updates in real-time. Email or text reminders fire out automatically, keeping both the service provider and customer in the loop.

For any further details, please contact the AnswerForce integrations team at

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