With Setmore Premium, you can automatically send out customizable text/SMS reminders before an appointment to make sure your customers show up. Below we'll walk through how to set up, customize, and set the lead time for text reminders.

>>> Feature Notes:

  • As on April 29, 2020, class appointments now support text reminders for Setmore users in the United States and Canada.
  • Only one text reminder will be sent to each customer for a booked appointment, or to each class attendee in a class session.
  • Text messaging may not work with 100% send rates in all countries. See below for instructions on how to test sending a text reminder through Setmore.

>>> Article Contents:

  • Turning on text reminders
  • Setting the reminder lead time
  • Customizing your text reminders
  • Testing – send yourself a text/sms in Setmore
  • Verifying whether or not a reminder was sent to the customer

Turning on text reminders

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer. Scroll down to the Appointment Reminders section and, where it says Text, click the On/Off switch to the "On" position.

2. Text appointment reminders will now be sent out to your customers using the default message, at the time specified under "Reminder Lead Time" before the appointment is scheduled. Your customers must have a valid phone number entered in their customer profile to receive a text.

Setting the reminder lead time

Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer. Scroll down to the Reminder Lead Time section and use the dropdown menus to specify the time before each appointment when reminders will be sent out. You can select a lead time of up to 30 days.

Customizing your text reminders

Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customization. Scroll down to the section titled "SMS Notification." Here you can enter your custom text message for text reminders. Setmore's editor provides a number of variable fields that will automatically plug in the appointment's information. Click anywhere outside the form field to save your settings.

Testing – send yourself a text/SMS in Setmore

Text reminders are not supported in all countries, and in some countries the successful send rates may vary depending on local cellular providers. Therefore it is always a good idea to test your text reminders within Setmore. 

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer, and scroll down to Appointment Reminders. Make sure that text reminders are activated, then click the link "Test SMS" that appears next to the On/Off switch.

2. Enter your country code and phone number in the form fields provided and click the "Send" button. In up to a few minutes, you should receive a generic text message from Setmore. 

3. If you don't receive a text message, then text messaging may not be supported in your country or cellular coverage may not be good enough to ensure 100% consistency and accuracy when sending text reminders. 

You may also email help@setmore.com to inquire about text/SMS sending in your country. 

Verifying whether or not a reminder was sent to a customer

If you have text reminders enabled, you can check whether or not a text reminder was sent for a specific appointment by clicking on the appointment in the calendar tab to open the Appointment Details menu. 

A new line item will appear that reads "SMS status." The status will indicate if a text reminder was successfully sent, if the reminder failed to send, or if the customer disabled receiving a text reminder.

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