Every appointment is made of three ingredients: the staff, the service, and the customer. If you've already got your staff and services set up, then it'll only take a few seconds and a few clicks to book an appointment. Once an appointment is booked you can modify, reschedule, or cancel it from your admin calendar. We'll cover each action in greater detail, below.

Creating an appointment

1. On the Calendar tab, click an open time slot to start the appointment.

2. The appointment details menu will appear. Select the service from the dropdown menu and click "Continue."

3. The next step is to identify the customer. You can either search for an existing customer, or add a new customer.

4. Once the customer is identified, you'll see a summary of their details. To complete the booking, click "Save Appointment." The appointment is now booked.

Editing an appointment

1. To edit an appointment, simply find and click on it in the calendar, then click "Edit Appointment" in the bottom left of the details menu.

2. In the following menu, you can change any of the service parameters, reschedule to a different day or time, or specify a new staff member. Once you're finished, click "Save Appointment" to save your changes.

Drag-and-drop to reschedule an appointment

1. In Setmore you can quickly and easily reschedule an appointment by dragging and dropping it into a new time slot.

2. Once you move an appointment, you'll receive a message prompting you to confirm or cancel the move.

Delete an appointment

To delete an appointment, simply click on the appointment in the calendar. Then click "Delete" in the bottom right corner of the details menu and confirm.

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