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(Previously known as slot blockers) Prevent appointments from being booked during specific times.

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Events allow you to block time in your calendar, preventing staff and customers from booking within that frame. This feature is ideal to ringfence time for personal obligations, closures, prep time, internal meetings, and sick days.

Note: The time that is blocked by events is unavailable on your Booking Page for your customers to book.

Adding an event

1. Click anywhere in your calendar and the appointment details window will appear. Select the ‘Event’ option at the top of the window.


2. Next, specify a date, time, and event duration. Include notes if needed and click 'Save'.


The event will appear on your calendar. If it doesn't have a title, the event description will help you identify it.

  • To reschedule the event, drag and drop it into a new time slot.

  • To cancel the event, click it to bring up the details, click the three dots and delete.



Blocking more than 1 day?

If you need to block more than 24 hours in your calendar, or you need to schedule recurring breaks, use the staff working hours and time-off feature instead.

These options are accessible under Settings > Staff in the Setmore web app.

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