Events allow you to block out a length of time in your calendar, preventing either staff or customers from scheduling an appointment within that time frame. This can be used for blocking out time for personal obligations, closures, prep time, meetings, project time, vacations, sick leave, and so on. Time slots that are blocked by these events will become unavailable on the Booking Page as well.

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Adding an event in the mobile app

Events appear in your Agenda View and 3-Day Calendar View. To create a brand new event:

  • First, tap the pink (+) button and select +Event.

Pink Plus button menu in the Setmore mobile app
  • Next, enter the event name, duration, choose the time when the event will begin, the staff provider and add notes if required.

Event Details menu in the mobile app
  • Note that available time slots will appear in white boxes, and off-hours time slots will appear in grey. You may still add an event during off-hours time.

Tap Create to add the event. And that's it! The event will appear on the specified staff member's calendar. To edit or delete the event, tap on it to bring up the details menu and continue with your desired changes.

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Adding an event in the web app

  • To get started, click anywhere on your calendar to pick a start time. Then use the Service dropdown menu to select " Event."

  • Next, specify the duration for the event, choose the provider, add notes and then click the Save Event button.

Creating a custom event in the Setmore web app

The event will appear on your calendar at the chosen time. If the event does not have a title, its description will help you identify it on the calendar.

  • Drag and drop the event into a new time slot to reschedule it.

  • Click on the event to bring up its details menu or delete it.

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Blocking off more than 1 day?

If you need to block more than 24 hours on your calendar, or you need to schedule recurring breaks, use the Staff Working Hours and Time Off feature instead. 

These options are accessible under Account > Staff in the Setmore mobile app, or under Settings > Staff in the Setmore web app.

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