Book appointments from your Gmail inbox with this Setmore add-on.

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The Setmore add-on for Gmail empowers you to book appointments from your Gmail inbox. When viewing a customer email request for an appointment, the add-on will automatically pull relevant information such as date, time, and service, and pre-populate these data fields in the booking add-on, saving you time.

Installing the Setmore add-on for Gmail✉️

  1. Start in your Gmail account. Click the Settings (gear) icon in the top right corner of your Gmail inbox, then select Get add-ons.


  2. Search for Setmore in the G Suite Marketplace.


  3. Click on the Setmore card, then click the Install button.


4. Lastly, follow the steps for authentication and complete the installation.


Using the Setmore add-on for Gmail

  • To use the Setmore add-on, access the side panel in Gmail by clicking the pull-out tab in the bottom right corner of your inbox window.

  • Open any customer email, then click the Setmore icon in the side panel to start creating a new appointment.

Note: If you haven't already, you will need to log in with your Setmore account through the add-on to start creating new appointments.

The add-on will automatically pull relevant time, date, and service information from the customer email:

  • Follow the prompts to add or select a customer profile from your Setmore account, and complete the booking.


The appointment will instantly appear on your Setmore calendar, and any appointment confirmation or reminder messages (if activated) will be scheduled for delivery by the Setmore system.

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