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Default Calendar View
Default Calendar View

In your mobile app, choose between agenda and 3-day view. In the web app, choose between daily, weekly, or monthly view by default.

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Default calendar view enables you to see all of your appointments within a particular timeframe. Specify your preferred calendar view and Setmore will remember it for when you open the app.

📱In the mobile app, you can choose between a schedule view (list format) and 3-day calendar view.

💻 In the web app, you can choose between daily, weekly or monthly view.

Toggle between schedule and 3-day view (mobile app)

By default, the Setmore mobile app for iOS and Android opens in schedule view, showcasing appointments in a list format.

You can change this to a 3-day calendar view at any time by tapping the 3-row icon in the top-right.

To return to the previous view, simply tap the icon to switch back from 3-day view to schedule view.

Schedule view and 3-day view

Schedule view lists all of your appointments for the week in chronological order, starting from the beginning of the week to the end of the week.

Tap on any appointment within the list to access the Appointment Details menu.

3-day view will show you all of your appointments listed by time in a color-block format, on a standard calendar grid. With this option, you can view your full schedule for up to 3 calendar days at a time.

While in 3-day view, swipe up or down to see appointments earlier in the day or later in the day. Swipe right or left to see appointments for future days or previous days.

Changing your calendar view (web app)

You can change your calendar view by clicking the four-box icon in the top-right of your screen. A drop down menu will allow you to select Day, Week, Month or Agenda view.

If you are an account admin, your daily view show can show between 5-10 staff schedules for the day.

Setting the default calendar view

When you set a default view for your Setmore calendar, the view will be the same each time you log in. When you first sign-up for your Setmore account, your default calendar view will be displayed in the ‘weekly’ format.

To select your preferred calendar view:

  1. Head to your calendar, click the three dots button in the top-right of the screen and select ‘Calendar Preferences’.

  2. A pop-up will appear for you to select your preferred view. This only affects your calendar and not the other staff calendars in your account.

Your settings will save automatically.

Understanding daily, weekly, and monthly view (web app)

In daily view, your calendar displays all appointments for the current day for multiple staff members at a time. (Note: If you have staff-level access, you will only be able to see your schedule.)

In weekly view, the calendar displays all appointments for the week for a single staff member. To see weekly appointments for a specific staff member, use the dropdown menu in the top left corner of your Setmore calendar and select a staff member.

In monthly view, the calendar displays all appointments for a single staff member for the entire month. To see monthly appointments for a specific staff member, use the dropdown menu in the top left corner of your Setmore calendar and select a staff member.

Not sure which view to use?

You can easily switch between daily, weekly and monthly view, depending on your needs at the time.

Start your day with an overview of all your appointments in daily view so you can see who you're booked with for the day and prepare for the week ahead in weekly view. For the bigger picture, overview all appointments for the entire month in monthly view.

If you are looking for a balanced view of appointment dates and details, we recommend weekly view.

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