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Off-Hours Booking
Off-Hours Booking

How to schedule an appointment outside your business hours.

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By default, appointments can only be scheduled inside of your business hours. However, if you prefer to book at any time, regardless of your business or staff working hours, enable off-hours booking.


  • Off-hours booking only applies to the calendars in your account.

  • Off-hours booking does not extend to your Booking Page. Customers can only schedule appointments inside of your business hours, based on staff availability.

  • Only account admins can activate off-hours booking. Staff members need to contact an admin or the account owner.

Enable off-hours booking in the web app

  1. Start by clicking the three dots icon in the top-right corner of your calendar.


  2. Next to 'Enable double booking', flip the switch on.


You can now book appointments outside of your business hours. To start, click anywhere in the grey area of your calendar.

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