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Google Calendar Sync (1-Way)
Google Calendar Sync (1-Way)

Export your own or your staff member’s appointments from Setmore to Google Calendar via the Setmore web app.

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1-way Google Calendar sync automatically adds a staff member’s Setmore appointments to their selected Google Calendar. This enables them to view all of their commitments in one place.

Note: All appointments will be visible, but not editable, in Google Calendar. To update an appointment, you will need to use your Setmore account.

Sync your Setmore appointments to Google Calendar.

1. In your Setmore web app, navigate to Settings > My Team. Select your staff profile.

2. Select Integrations and next to Google Calendar, click ‘Connect’.

3. Open Google Calendar in a new tab. In the left navigation menu, locate the Other Calendars section and click the plus sign (+).

4. In the dropdown menu that appears, click ‘From URL’. This opens a new calendar menu.

5. Paste the URL you copied in Step 1 into the ‘From URL’ field, then click ‘Add Calendar’. Leave the checkbox unticked to keep your calendar private.

6. Your Setmore calendar is now synced.

You will see your Setmore calendar listed under ‘Other Calendars’ with the title of your Setmore Booking Page.

Note: The Setmore and Google calendar sync should export your appointments immediately, but subsequent appointments may take longer to show up in Google. Please wait at least 24 hours for appointment changes to appear.

Pro Tip:

  • When looking at your Google Calendar, ensure the checkbox beside the new calendar is ticked to view the appointment information. To hide this calendar from your view, simply untick the box. This will not remove the calendar from your system, but can be used to simplify your view.

  • To add more than one Setmore staff calendar to Google, simply repeat the below process for each staff member.

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