Upgrading to a Setmore Premium plan is easy. All you need is a credit card and once activated, your Premium features will instantly be available for use. Below we'll walk you through how to upgrade to a Premium plan, which plans you can choose, and how to downgrade back to the free version of Setmore.

Automatic billing

Once you sign up for Premium, your card will be charged immediately per the plan you have chosen ($25 USD per month for monthly plans, $199 USD per year for yearly plans). Your card will be charged automatically at the start of the next billing cycle to ensure seamless access to Premium features. 

Upgrading to a Premium plan

1. Either click the Premium "shield" icon from the left-hand navigation menu, or click the Upgrade button in the top right.

2. Next you'll see the available Setmore plans. You can choose the annual subscription for $199 USD, or choose the monthly subscription, which is $25 USD a month. Click "Choose Plan" under the middle (annual) column or the right (monthly) column to proceed.

3. Enter your payment card details. Once everything looks good, click the "Confirm Payment" button. You will be upgraded to Premium immediately, and have instant access to all Premium features.

4. If you want to change plans from a monthly to an annual plan, you may do so using the dropdown menu under "Your Plan." 

Downgrading back to the free plan

1. Click on the profile button in the top-right corner and select "Account Plan" from the dropdown menu.

2. Your Payment Details will appear in the next window. Instead of clicking "Confirm," you'll instead click "Cancel." This will take you back to the Plans & Pricing menu.

3. To downgrade, click the "Downgrade" button in the left-hand column, where the free plan is listed. You will not be charged during the next billing cycle, but you will lose access to any Setmore Premium features.

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