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Use Setmore’s advanced scheduling features on your Android and iOS device

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Setmore Pro and Team are paid subscriptions available on the Setmore Android and iOS apps. Unlock exclusive features straight from your mobile device like:

  • Unlimited appointments

  • Send text reminders to reduce missed appointments

  • Turn appointments into video meetings with the Zoom integration

Enjoy all of these in addition to features on Setmore's Free plan.

Setmore Pro

Setmore Team










Are Setmore’s paid subscriptions different for the mobile and web app?

Yes. Setmore's paid web app subscription is Setmore Pro, while also providing Setmore Enterprise for larger companies. The Setmore mobile app offers Setmore Pro for 1-4 and Team for 5-6 users. But we have ensured that the pricing remains consistent across both platforms.

Upgrade your plan from the Setmore mobile app

  • Hit Account>Pro.

  • Choose your preferred plan and billing cycle on screen.

  • Enter your Apple ID (iPhone) or Google account info (Android) to confirm your subscription.

Managing or downgrading your plan

Please note that if you upgrade from your iPhone or Android device, you can manage your subscription from your iPhone or Google Play settings.

How to switch plans

  • Go to Account>Staff.

  • Select '+Staff' to add more team members.

  • Once you've reached the staff limit on your current plan, the Plan Details screen will appear, giving you the option to upgrade.

If you switch from Setmore Pro to Team, the plan change will reflect immediately in your account. You'll be able to instantly add new staff members to your Setmore account.

Downgrading your plan

If you are using Setmore Pro or Team, you can move back to your Free plan anytime. Learn how to downgrade to Setmore Free >

You must submit a request when downgrading from Setmore Pro or Team on the Setmore iOS app. When your current billing period ends, you can change plans.

The app will then prompt you to remove staff members due to the downgrade.

Prompt to remove staff members during plan downgrade

If you are downgrading from Setmore Pro or Team on the Setmore Android app, you will be immediately moved to the requested plan and prompted to remove staff members from the account accordingly.

Adding more than 6 staff members

Currently, the Setmore mobile app enables you to add up to 6 staff members. To add more, contact Team Setmore through chat in the app, or email us at


I subscribed to Setmore Pro on my mobile device. Can I use all Pro features on the Setmore web app as well?

Yes. You can use all Setmore Pro features on both the web and mobile apps. However, you can only manage your subscription through the mobile platform you used to upgrade.


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