Setmore offers an easy way to export appointments and calendar events to your Apple calendar, in case you want to be able to see your business and personal appointments all in one place. Once activated, this sync will display your Setmore appointments for a single staff member on your Apple calendar, and you can subscribe to as many Setmore staff calendars as you want. You will be able to see but not edit these appointments from Apple Calendar.

Adding a subscription to Apple calendar

1. In your Setmore account, Navigate to Settings > Staff and select the staff member whose calendar you want to follow.

2. In the Staff Details menu, scroll down to the section titled Calendar URL. Select and copy the URL.

Copying the Setmore Staff Calendar URL under Settings > Staff

3. Open Apple Calendar and select File > New Calendar Subscription.

Choosing the New Calendar Subscription on the MacOS calendar

4. You will then be prompted to enter a calendar URL. Paste your Setmore calendar URL here and click "Subscribe."

Pasting the Setmore Staff Calendar URL

5. You can adjust the subscription settings, such as event color and refresh rate, in the next menu. When everything looks good, click "OK." The subscription is now added.

Verifying the calendar settings
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