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Starting with Setmore for iOS v4.0, we’ve added support for iPad devices into our mobile app build. This means you’ll use the same universal Setmore app for both your iPad and your iPhone, and the app will adapt to suit the device on which you’re currently active.

Best of both worlds

The Setmore app for iPad gives you access to a full calendar, plus all of the menu & submenu options that you’ll find in the Setmore mobile app: 

  • See your schedule for a full week at a time

  • Better in-person experiences for scheduling & taking payments

Automatically sync data across devices

Setmore is a cloud-based platform. So no matter what device you use, all of your data for appointments, staff, and customers is synced between devices automatically. If you book an appointment on your iPad, it will show up on your laptop and vice versa.

Support articles and docs

Most Setmore support articles cover both the mobile and browser-based use case for each feature or functionality. For iPad support, refer to the mobile instruction set in most articles, except where an issue is related to the admin calendar, in which case refer to the web browser instruction set. 

You can also start a chat with a Setmore expert on your iPad by going to Settings > Help > Chat with us. We’re available anytime, 24/7, to answer your questions!

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FAQ: Will Setmore launch a version for Android-based tablets?

The new version of the Setmore Android mobile app is also compatible with tablets. In the meantime, check out our app for Android phones on Google Play

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