Connect Setmore to Intercom Messenger

Take bookings and payments straight from Intercom Messenger.

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Empower the audience of your website or product to book appointments from Intercom Messenger. A booking button displays front and center in the chat window, enabling people to schedule appointments without navigating elsewhere.

Motivated leads can click to view your availability and reserve your time independently, boosting conversions for your business.

Note: Currently, booking buttons are only visible in Messenger on desktop devices.

Enable Setmore for Intercom Messenger

  1. Log into Intercom and open Setmore on the Intercom app store.

  2. Click 'Install now'. (If you're not already logged into your Setmore account, you'll be prompted to do so.)

  3. Click 'Authorize access' to allow Setmore and Intercom to connect.

  4. Open your dashboard and click the Messenger tab in the left navigation bar.

  5. Click Add apps to your Messenger and choose an audience for your booking button. You can choose users (other team members with Intercom logins) or visitors (people that use your site or product).

  6. Click Add an app and select the ‘Setmore’ app.

  7. Add your Booking Page link (or a particular staff or service booking link) and customize the button text and heading. For the button text, we recommend something straightforward like ‘Book now’.

  8. Click 'Save and set live'.

Accept bookings from Intercom Messenger

  1. When a visitor clicks the chat button to reach out, your booking button appears in the home screen.

  2. When clicked, your Booking Page appears. It is completely mobile-responsive and bookings can be completed in the chat window.

  3. Your visitor selects a service, appointment time and pays (if a payment integration is enabled).

  4. They confirm the appointment and the booking information displays on screen. They’re directed back to the home screen.

When an appointment is booked, your calendar updates and the guest and relevant provider receive email confirmations. These can be customized with reschedule and cancel buttons, video links and more.

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