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Add the 'Book Appointment' Button to Your Website
Add the 'Book Appointment' Button to Your Website

Accept appointments 24/7, straight from your business' website

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Your website is the first place that countless customers discover your services. For this reason, it’s important to connect your website to your Booking Page. Doing this gives your newest leads and existing customers a direct path to book. There's no need to contact you, streamlining the process instantly.

Where's best to display your 'Book Now' button? Ensure you showcase it at the top of your homepage and across your highest-traffic landing pages. Buttons are free - add one to as many pages as you like.

To see the different appearance options for your 'Book Now' button, click here. You can link visitors to your full Booking Page or direct them to particular staff and services. The latter is convenient for service-based landing pages 👌

Hyperlink text or images to your Booking Page

Virtually all blogs, websites and social media platforms allow you to hyperlink a line of text. This is the easiest way to connect a site page to your Booking Page.

1. In Setmore, go to Settings, Booking Page and copy your Booking Page URL.

2. In your website editor, select text or an image to link to your Booking Page. Click the hyperlink button (typically a chain link).

3. Paste your Booking Page URL in the field provided and save your changes.

Note: A 'Book Now' button does not appear for this option. When a visitor clicks the hyperlinked text, your Booking Page will appear in their browser.

Use a website builder to add your button

Most website builders have an embed widget or HTML option, which you can drag and drop onto any page.

1. In your Setmore web app, go to Integrations > Booking Widget.

2. Complete sections 1-3 and select 'I’ll embed the code myself'. Copy the code provided.

3. In your website builder, drag and drop the embed widget/HTML option onto your preferred page. Open the details menu for the widget.

4. When prompted, paste the code you copied in step 2 and save your changes.

We have step-by-step instructions for all of our website builder integrations, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Muse, Drupal, Joomla, Squarespace and Square Online. View custom steps for each platform (with screenshots) to get your 'Book Now' button ready.

Making direct edits to your website’s HTML

If you have access to your website’s HTML, this is probably the most expedient route.

1. In your Setmore web app, go to Integrations > Booking Widget.

2. Complete sections 1-3 and select 'I’ll embed the code myself'. Copy the code provided.

3. Open the HTML file of the site page that will feature your 'Book Now' button. Paste the code where you'd like the button to appear.

4. Save the file to your server and you’re done.

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