As part of Setmore's free version, you can enable automatic email notifications that will go out to customers whenever you or they book, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. This applies to class sessions too. Email alerts are instantaneous and take place moments after the action takes place, whether it's a new appointment, a rescheduling, or a cancelation. A sample email notification is shown in the screenshot below:

Setmore's appointment reschedule email notification

You can also add functions to the email notifications, giving customers the ability to cancel or reschedule an appointment on their own. We'll run through each of the features and functionalities, and how to activate or deactivate them, below.

Enabling customer email notifications

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer. In the section titled "Send an Email," click the checkbox next to each action to enable automatic email notifications whenever that action takes place. You can choose between Booked, Edited, and Cancelled for both regular appointments and classes.

Enabling customer notification in the Setmore web app

2. You also have the option to add rescheduling/cancellation links and .ics attachments to your email notifications (see below for more information).

Customizing the email sender name and signature field

Setmore allows you to customize the sender name and signature field for all email notifications that go out to customers. This simply allows you to add a personal touch to automatic notifications and is limited to 499 characters.

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customization. In the section titled "Sender Name," end a custom name (usually your business's name). In the section titled "Email Signature," input a custom email signature.

Customizing Sender Name and Email Signature for the notification emails

By enabling either the "Send appointment cancellation link to the customer" or "Send reschedule appointment link to the customer" option, you give your customers the ability to cancel or reschedule their own appointments. This means your customers can forego the need to call or email your business directly.

Setmore confirmation email with the reschedule link.

Including an .ics attachment in emails

The file extension .ICS indicates a calendar data file that is compatible with most modern calendar apps including those from Apple, Google, and Outlook. By adding a .ICS file, email notifications that go out for newly booked appointments will display a prompt to add the appointment to the customer's personal calendar. You've probably seen this feature before; a screenshot is included below:

The .ics attachment sent along with the notification email

Adding a "thank you" email for customer reviews

This option triggers an email notification that goes out to customers whenever they post a review on your Booking Page. In order for this feature to work, you should have customer reviews enabled on your Booking Page.

A thank you email for customer reviews
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