When an appointment or class is scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled, your customer gets an automatic email alert. Alerts are instantaneous and work for both appointments and class sessions. They fire out whether bookings are set or changed by a customer or staff member.

Here is a sample email alert:

You can feature buttons that allow customers to reschedule or cancel appointments independently. We'll run through these features below.

Enabling customer email notifications

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer.

2. In the 'Send an Email' section, click the checkbox next to any action that requires an email notification. Actions include when an appointment or class is booked, edited or canceled.

2. If preferred, you can add reschedule and cancelation buttons and .ics attachments to your email notifications (See below for more information).

Customizing the email sender name and signature field

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customization.

2. In the 'Sender Name' section, add a custom name (typically your business' name). In the 'Email Signature' section, include a custom email signature (499 characters maximum).

Sending reschedule and cancelation links

  • Enable 'Send reschedule appointment link to the customer' to feature a 'Reschedule' button in customer emails.

  • Enable 'Send appointment cancelation link to the customer' to feature a 'Cancel' button in customer emails.

Customers are able to manage their appointments without needing to contact your business directly.

Including an .ics attachment in emails

An .ics file extension indicates that calendar data is available in an email. The data sent by Setmore is compatible with (and can be transferred to) Apple, Google and Outlook calendars.

Email confirmations for new appointments display an 'Add to calendar' prompt. This allows the customer to add appointment details to another calendar if needed.

Automate a thank you email for reviews

Have you enabled customer reviews through your Booking Page? If so, Setmore can send a thank you email when someone leaves feedback. Here's a sample:

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