Process secure contactless payments via PayPal, credit or debit cards, and more. The Setmore-PayPal integration enables you to process payments through your calendar and empowers your customers to pay for appointments through your Booking Page.


Activate the PayPal integration in your web app

  • Head to Settings > Payments > Configure

  • Select the ‘PayPal’ card and hit the ‘Activate’ button. A pop-up window will appear, requesting your PayPal credentials to continue. This is to grant access to Setmore so your apps can connect.

  • Enter your credentials and click ‘Log in’. The pop-up will close and Setmore will display a ‘PayPal is activated’ message. Click ‘Okay’.

And that’s all there is to it! You can now accept PayPal and card transactions from your Setmore calendar. View recent payments and issue refunds by navigating to Settings > Payments > History.


Want to get paid from your Booking Page?

Navigate to Settings > Payments > Booking Page. Under ‘Do you want to accept payments from your Booking Page?’, flip the switch to ‘On’.

Booking Page payments enable your customers to pre-pay for single appointments that have a charge attached. They pick a service and time, fill in their contact details, and are prompted to make payment via PayPal or card.

Once a transaction is processed, your Booking Page confirms the appointment on-screen. Your customer also receives a digital receipt and appointment confirmation by email.

Not only does requesting payment in advance cut down on chasing invoices, it ensures greater commitment from your customers to attend.


How your customers pay through the Booking Page

  • Your customers select a service on your Booking Page. The charge is listed next to the service name where applicable.

  • Next, they’ll be prompted to pick a service provider, date and time. From there, they’ll be asked for their contact details.

  • Once details are added, the payment screen will appear. Here, your customer can choose how they want to pay - PayPal, debit card or credit card.

  • If you made upfront payment mandatory, they must pay before the appointment is confirmed. Otherwise they can skip payment.

  • A timer displays above the payment window, giving the customer 5 minutes to complete booking. If they do not complete booking in this timeframe, they'll be redirected to start again. This frees up the time slot for other customers.

  • Clicking the PayPal button requires the customer to sign into their PayPal account to provide payment. To complete booking, they must click ‘Buy Now’ and when their payment information is verified, their appointment is confirmed.

The appointment details automatically land in your calendar and both you and your customer receive instant confirmations.


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