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Show the Customer's Local Time Zone
Show the Customer's Local Time Zone

Your Booking Page and confirmation emails will automatically show available times in the customer's time zone

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With the Show Local Time feature, Setmore will automatically convert appointment times into the customer's time zone on any customer-facing communication, including:

  • Customer email confirmations

  • Customer email and text reminders

  • Your Booking Page

When choosing a date and time from your Booking Page, customers will see available times converted into their local time zone, and may select a different time zone using the dropdown menu just below the status bar.


  • Show Local Time is activated by default for all Setmore accounts.

  • If you always conduct business with clients in the same time zone as you, then you may safely deactivate this feature.

  • Show Local Time feature is not currently accessible through the Setmore mobile app.

Activating or deactivating Show Local Time (web app)💻

  • Start by logging into the Setmore web portal, then go to Settings > Booking Page > Customization.

  • Scroll down to the Show Local Time feature, then use the toggle switch to activate or deactivate the feature as desired.


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