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Learn more about HIPAA-compliant scheduling for your medical practice.

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Setmore Health is a new offering that includes additional security and privacy tools to help healthcare providers meet local compliance requirements in their region.

As part of your Setmore Health account, certain features that you would find in a Free or Pro Setmore account will be limited or deactivated to help ensure patient privacy and data security.


  • Opting into Setmore Health may only be done during account creation, and is permanent. You cannot revert a Setmore Health account to Free or Pro account later.

  • You do not need to upgrade to Pro or Team to access Setmore Health. However, it will not include any Pro/Team features.

What's included in Setmore Health

Setmore Health includes all the same tools as a regular Setmore account, including an online calendar, multiple staff profiles, automated confirmations and reminders, a Booking Page and more, plus these added features:

  • Enhanced security for your patient data: Setmore customer contact records are stored via an API with built-in encryption and added authentication layers.

  • Support from trained privacy experts: The technical support you receive will be provided by Setmore experts who have undergone extra health privacy training.

  • Setmore Business Associate Agreement (BAA): As part of your account setup, we'll provide a standard BAA that lays out provisions for how your data is used.

What's limited in Setmore Health

As a reminder, limits, and restrictions are added to your account to help ensure the customer or patient privacy and to help you meet compliance standards.

  • Classes are turned off: You will be unable to create classes or sessions through Setmore Health.

  • Customer reviews will be turned off: The customer review feature on your Booking Page will be deactivated by default and cannot be turned on.

  • Customer and staff notifications will be simplified: This includes email confirmations and reminders, and text reminders (Pro Feature). All notifications will be shortened so as not to include any personally identifiable information of your patients/customers.

  • Cancel/reschedule options within notifications are turned off: The option for a customer or patient to cancel or reschedule their notification will be deactivated by default and cannot be turned on.

Using 3rd party apps & integrations with Setmore Health

Setmore Health offers a number of integrations with 3rd party software, such as Square for taking payments for your appointments within Setmore.

We strongly encourage you to understand how each integration uses customer or patient data prior to activation. Make sure that your usage of each app meets compliance requirements in your area.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Setmore Health compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?
    Yes, by agreeing to our Setmore Health Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) your usage of Setmore Health meets the Security Rule. Please note that this action alone does not make you as the Covered Entity (healthcare provider, Setmore user) fully compliant. You must ensure your business operations and any data imported into Setmore are done appropriately. Please visit this Health and Human Services webpage for additional information about your role and responsibilities as a Covered Entity.

  • Can I undo my selection to participate in Setmore Health?
    No, choosing to opt in to Setmore Health is permanent for your account. If you wish to use the Free or Pro Setmore account, you can do so by creating a new account with a different email address.

  • Can I log into my Setmore Health account from any device?
    Yes, you can access your account using the Setmore web portal at, and using the iOS and Android apps.

  • If I have an existing Setmore account, can it be converted into a Setmore Health one?
    Unfortunately, no. New customers must opt for Setmore Health at the time of account creation. This selection is permanent and accounts cannot be switched over to Free or Pro later.

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