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Use a Custom "Book now" Button Image
Use a Custom "Book now" Button Image

Replace the default button image with your own graphic

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Have you added a ‘Book now’ button to your website? It’s free and enables online visitors to access your Booking Page right away.

By default, the ‘Book now’ button displays an image from Setmore:

While we don't offer more options for its appearance, it's quite simple to replace the design with your own image. This article explains how to retrieve your ‘Book now’ button code and modify the default image.

Retrieve your default button code

1. Navigate to Integrations > Booking Widget.


2. Follow the steps to retrieve your code. In step 1, select the position of your ‘Book now’ button.


3. In Step 2, select how your Booking Page will open.

4. In Step 3, select "I'll embed the code myself."

5. Copy the code provided and paste it into doc you can edit easily.

We recommend using Word or Google Docs!

Modifying your button code

What you have now is a piece of HTML code. You want to preserve all of the code except for the part that references the button image. To replace the default button image, you'll need the URL of another image that's hosted online.

  1. SS1.4.png

  2. Replace the https URL with the URL of your replacement image. Make sure that you keep the quotation marks before and after the URL.

  3. Copy and paste the entire code into your website source file and save or publish your changes.

This only edits the line of code that references the ‘Book now’ button image. All other code remains the same.

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