Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your WordPress website.

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The Setmore plugin for WordPress enables your website visitors to access your Booking Page with one click. Embed a 'Book Now' button on any site page in your WordPress theme and accept appointments 24/7.

Install the Setmore plugin for WordPress

1. Log into your WordPress account and navigate to 'Plugins' (under the left-side menu bar).

2. Click ‘Add New and type ‘Setmore’ into the search bar.

3. Find the Setmore plugin and click Install Now > Activate. When successfully activated, ‘Active’ will display.

4. The Setmore plugin will now appear in the left-side menu bar. Click it and either log into your existing Setmore account or create a new one.

5. Follow the prompts to choose how your 'Book Now' button appears. Once complete, you're ready to take appointments from your WordPress site.

Note: If you're viewing WordPress in the legacy WP-Admin dashboard, 'Plugins' can be found in the top menu.

Link WordPress to your Setmore account🔗

Use a text snippet to add your booking button

1. In WordPress, open a page or post to display your booking button.

2. Once you've chosen the location, type [setmore] and your booking button will instantly appear.

Enable the booking button with ‘Add Widget’

1. Head to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance > Widgets.

2. Locate the Setmore widget and choose where your booking button will appear. Click ‘Add Widget‘ and you’re all set.

Drag and drop the Setmore widget

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance > Widgets.

2. Find the Setmore widget and drag and drop it into any of the components listed (to the left of the widgets). Your button appears automatically.

Note: Eligible areas to place your widget depend on your chosen WordPress theme.

Install the plugin manually

If you have access to the FTP server where your WordPress installation is located, you can also download and activate the Setmore plugin manually.

Visit the Setmore plugin page on the WordPress website here.

1. Download the plugin file.

2. Upload the 'setmore-appointments' folder to the /wp-content/plugins directory. This is located in the same place you have WordPress installed on your server.

3. Do not change the folder name, otherwise, the plugin may not work correctly.

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