The Setmore plugin for WordPress adds a Setmore widget that you can add to any eligible page in your WordPress theme. This widget places a "Book" button on the chosen area of your website, allowing customers to access your Booking Page in a click. 

Install the plugin from WordPress

  • First, log into your WordPress account. 
  • Then, from your Dashboard, go to Tools > Plugins and search for Setmore. 
  • Lastly, click on the Setmore card and choose Install Now

Note: If you are viewing WordPress in the legacy WP-Admin dashboard, Plugins is a top-level menu item.

Install the plugin manually 

If you have access to the FTP server where your installation of WordPress is located, you can also download and install the Setmore plugin manually. 

  • Visit the Setmore plugin page on the WordPress website here >
  • Download the plugin file. 
  • Upload the “setmore-appointments” folder to the /wp-content/plugins directory, located in the same place where you have WordPress installed on your server.

    Do not change the folder name, otherwise the plugin may not work correctly.

Link the plugin to your Setmore account

Once the plugin is installed, you must activate it by linking the plugin to your existing Setmore account and Booking Page.

  • First, at the bottom of your left-hand navigation menu, click the WP Admin option to access the plugin settings from the legacy WordPress dashboard.
  • You will find Setmore either as a top-level menu item, or you may find it under Plugins. If under the Plugins menu, select the “Settings” option in the Setmore row. 
  • Then, where prompted, input your Booking Page URL and save your changes. This will connect the plugin to your Setmore account.

Place the Book button on your website

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you must now place it on your WordPress website. 

  • First, click the WP Admin option to access the plugin settings from the legacy WordPress dashboard.
  • Then, go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Drag the Setmore widget under the navigational element where you would like the Book Now button to appear. The Book button should instantly appear under the chosen area of your website.

Note: eligible areas for widget placement will largely depend on your chosen WordPress theme.

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