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Accept payments through your Booking Page

Enable customers to book and pay for their appointments online.

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With Setmore’s payment integrations, you can enable customers to pay for services through your Booking Page. Request full or part-payment upfront, apply discounts, and more.

Adding a payment gateway to your Booking Page offers greater convenience to everyone. For you, invoicing is reduced; for customers, all that’s left to do is show up.

Not only that, making prepayment mandatory boosts commitment to attendance. Here’s how to activate Booking Page payments. Please note, you’ll need to integrate Setmore with Square or Stripe first.

Activate Booking Page payments.

1. Navigate to Settings > Payments.

2. Below ‘Booking Page payments’, you’ll see ‘Accept payments on my Booking Page’. Flip the ‘On/Off’ switch to on.

Choose between optional and upfront payment.

In step 2, below ‘Is payment required at the time of booking?’, use the dropdown menu to choose between optional and mandatory payment. Upfront payment requires the customer to pay before their appointment is confirmed.

Apply a fee, discount or deposit at time of booking.

1. In step 3, below ‘Do you want to apply extra charges or reductions, such as taxes or discounts?’, click the ‘+ Charges or Reductions’ button.

2. Specify your discount or fee using the form fields. You can also require customers to pay a certain percentage of the service cost as a deposit, and collect the remainder of the service cost at the time of the appointment.

3. To delete a fee or discount, click the ‘X’ next to it and click ‘Delete’ to confirm.

How customers pay through your Booking Page.

1. As customers self-schedule an appointment, they’ll be prompted for payment in a penultimate stage before the confirmation screen. If you made upfront payment mandatory, they must pay for the service before the appointment is confirmed. If payment is optional, they can skip ahead.

2. A timer appears above the payment window, giving the customer 5 minutes to complete the booking. If the customer doesn’t complete the booking at this time, they’ll be redirected to the start of the process and asked to schedule the appointment again. This frees up the appointment slot for another customer.

Collect payment for multiple services.

If you have ‘Provide multiple services’ enabled, customers can select multiple services in one go. They’ll be prompted to pay for the total cost of multiple services at checkout before bookings are confirmed.

1. Go to Settings > Calendar & Booking > Booking Preferences.

2. Navigate to ‘Booking Flow’ and scroll to ‘Provide Multiple Services’. Flip the switch on.

The total cost of multiple services will now be calculated when customers book online. Once a payment is submitted, the receipt will appear in the appointment details window for each of the bundled services.

Verify a payment was made.

1. Open your Setmore calendar and click the relevant appointment.

2. In the appointment details window, click ‘Edit Appointment’.

3. Click either the ‘Payment’ tab.

3. A list of all payments and refunds for this appointment will display.

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