Setmore allows your customers to stack services in a single appointment, when scheduling an appointment through your Booking Page. By default, customers are only able to book one appointment at a time; you need to activate Multiple Services to allow service stacking.

**New Feature** You can now take payments for multiple services from the Booking Page. Scroll to the bottom of this help article for setup instructions. (Last updated: May 14th, 2018)


Activate multiple services scheduling

1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations, and under where it says "Your Booking Page," click the "Configure" button.

2. Click the Booking Policies tab and scroll down until you see the Provide Multiple Services feature. Click the switch into the "On" position to enable multiple services booking.


How "multiple services" works on the Booking Page

As your customer book their appointments per usual, a new menu will appear as soon as they select their first service. Here they'll be given the opportunity to book additional services, or skip ahead to the next step.


How multiple services appear in your calendar

When a customer completes a booking, it will appear on your calendar as two or more services chained together.


Does Setmore support multiple appointments from the calendar?

At this time, Setmore does not support booking multiple services through the admin calendar. As a workaround you can simply schedule a service, one after the other, in a chain. 


I am receiving multiple notifications for each service booked

Admittedly, this feature isn't perfect, and yes you will receive an email notification for each service booked (even in a "multiple service" package) through your Booking Page. Right now we don't have a fix, but we may refine/update the feature in a future development cycle.


Processing payments for a multiple-services appointment

If you have a Setmore Premium subscription with the Stripe Payments integration activated, your customers can pay for multiple services when they book online. Use the following 1-2-3 list to enable this functionality on your public Booking Page.

  1. Enable “Provide Multiple Services” under Apps & Integrations > Your Booking Page (Configure) > Booking Policies > Provide Multiple Services. It’s located about halfway down the list of options.
  2. Enable the Stripe integration under Settings > Payments.
  3. Enable Booking Page Payments under Settings > Payments > Booking Page.

Setmore will automatically total the cost of multiple services when customers book online via your Booking Page. Once a payment is submitted, the receipt will appear in the Appointment Details window for each of the bundled services. 

Note: You will need a Setmore Premium subscription, an active Stripe account, and the Stripe integration activated in order to let customers pay for multiple services on your Booking Page.

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