The "Advance to First Available" feature will forward customers to the first available appointment date and time for any given service and staff member, after they select a service and staff member. 

Note: Activating both "Skip the Staff" and "First Available Appointment" may cause severe latency (long loading times) on your Booking Page. If you turn these features on and your Booking Page slows down noticeably, we recommend that you deactivate one or the other feature.

Activating the "Advance to First Available" feature

1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations. Under where it says Your Booking Page, click the "Configure" button.

Configuring the Booking Page policies on the Setmore web app

2. Click on the "Booking Policies" tab and scroll down to the section titled "First Available Appointment." Click the checkbox next to the excerpt that reads "Advance the booking page..." The feature is now enabled.

Checking the Advance to the first available appointment option

3. When customers attempt to book an appointment and your appointment slots are filled up for the week, the Booking Page will automatically forward them to the next available appointment slot, and show booked days in a red font. 

The Booking Page forwarding to the first available appointment
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