Classes in Setmore allow you to schedule a session with a fixed date/time and multiple attendee slots. This is great if you'd like to host a class or an event for a large group of people.

In Setmore, you will create a class first, and then add sessions to it. You will then add attendees to each session, or your customers will book their attendance for a specific session at a specific date and time. 


  • You may schedule multiple sessions at a time using recurring sessions with your Setmore Premium subscription.
  • Customers must book their attendance for each session one-by-one. They cannot sign up for multiple sessions or dates in a single go.

Creating a class in the web app

  • First navigate to Settings > Classes and click the +Create New Class button in the top right corner of the window.
  • Enter your class title, description, cost, duration, the number of available seats, and upload an image for the class. 
  • Save your changes. Now that the class is created, you may add sessions to it.

To delete a class, click the trash icon in the top right corner and confirm the deletion.

Creating sessions for a class in the web app

Now that your class is created, you can start adding sessions to it.

  • Under the Settings > Classes menu, click on the class you want to add sessions to. Then click the +Add Session button.
  • Next, add the Provider (from your staff), and the date/time for the session.

    Note: The values for Duration, Seats and Cost are provided automatically based on the default values that you added when making the class. You can change them here, and it will override those values for this session only.
  • Save your session. It will now appear on the calendar for the chosen provider. Click on the class session to start adding attendees to it.

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