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Enable your audience to install your Booking Page as an app – for extra convenience and a year-round connection to your business.

How does it work?

Your app already exists – simply edit its appearance and switch on installation prompts for your customers. When people use your Booking Page, they’ll see a prompt to install your app. Getting your app takes less than 10 seconds as there’s no need to visit the App Store, Google Play or any other marketplace.

How does it look?

Edit your app’s name and icon to reflect your unique branding. With one tap, your Booking Page appears, allowing customers to schedule, pay for, and manage their appointments online.


Enabling your branded app

  1. Go to Settings > Your branded app.

  2. By default, your app icon is your business logo. We recommend using a 512px x 512px PNG image for best display. Click ‘Edit’ to update the icon, e.g. if your business logo contains text that’s difficult to read.


3. By default, your app name is your business name. We recommend using up to 10 characters to avoid truncation. Click the ‘Your app’s name’ form field and type another name if needed.


Please note:

Your app icon and name will display differently depending on device. Confirm your app icon and name before moving to step 4 and sharing your app. Edits to the app icon and name only apply to new installations. If a customer already has your app, they won’t see changes to the icon and name.

4. Next to ‘Notify customers about your app’, flip the switch on.


5. By default, both notification options are enabled. Booking Page visitors will see a prompt to get your app on:

  • Your Booking Page’s home page (When they arrive)

  • The booking confirmation page (When they complete booking successfully)


Click ‘Save’.


6. A pop-up featuring a QR code will appear. Scan this code with your smartphone’s camera to preview your app.


7. Happy with the results? Click ‘Yes, launch’ to complete setup. Need to make a change? Click ‘Go back and edit’ and preview again.

That’s all there is to it. You can switch off installation prompts at any time but your app will remain available for use.

Promoting your branded app 📣

Whether customers reach your Booking Page through a search engine or your QR code, they’ll see automatic prompts to install your app. Need some ideas to drive traffic? Check out our guide to getting your Booking Page seen.


We’re also testing new ways to increase usage of your app, including custom merch and messaging. Interested in participating? Let us know


How do I preview my app?

After switching on installation prompts and clicking the ‘Save’ button, a pop-up with a QR code will appear. Scanning the QR code will open your Booking Page, complete with prompts to get your app.

What happens when I flip the switch next to ‘Notify customers about your app’?

This will enable prompts on your Booking Page to get your app. You can feature a prompt on your Booking Page’s home page, the booking confirmation page, or both. By default, both options are enabled. You can deselect one option if needed.

Will changes to the app icon and name reflect immediately?

Yes, but only for new installations. Any changes won’t reflect on the devices of customers who had previously installed your app.

Why can’t my app be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play?

Your branded app is a Progressive Web App (PWA), not a native app. It displays on your customers’ phones like any other app available at the App Store or on Google Play, however, a PWA can be installed in different ways. Would you prefer to have a native mobile app? Let us know

Some of my customers can’t see installation prompts. Why is that?

There are some technical limitations based on device and browser. If a customer can’t see installation prompts, it's likely because they’ve used a third-party app to open your Booking Page. Direct them to open their preferred browser and manually access your Booking Page.


Installation prompts appear in Safari and Chrome only. They won’t display in ‘Safari (in-app)’ when your Booking Page is opened using another app like Facebook or TikTok.


Installation prompts appear in Chrome, Samsung Internet, Opera and Edge only. They won’t display in ‘Android WebView’ when your Booking Page is opened using another app.

What happens to my app if I change my Booking Page URL?

Unfortunately, your app will no longer open for customers who previously installed it. To fix this, they will need to remove your app from their phone’s home screen and re-add it. We don’t recommend changing your Booking Page URL unless necessary.

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