Schedule two appointments, class sessions or custom events in the same time slot.

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By default, Setmore doesn't allow multiple appointments or group sessions to be scheduled in the same time slot. However, if you’d like the option, simply enable double-booking.

You can book a new appointment, class session or custom event at a time you have another appointment, class session, custom event, Google event or Office 365 event already confirmed.


👉 Double-booking applies to the calendars in your account only.

👉Double-booking does not extend to your Booking Page. Customers cannot schedule an appointment in an occupied time slot.

👉Only account admins can enable double-booking. Staff will need to contact an admin or the account owner.

👉Double-booking doesn't extend to recurring appointments or class sessions. When creating a recurring appointment or class session in Setmore, you'll be prompted to skip conflicting bookings before proceeding.

Enable double-booking in the web app

  1. Log into your Setmore web app at You can activate double-booking in the daily, weekly, or monthly view of your calendar.

  2. Click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of your calendar.

  3. Next to ‘Enable double booking’, flip the switch on.

To schedule a new appointment, class or custom event in an occupied time slot, click the open calendar space next to the booking. After this, schedule your new appointment as usual.

Note: We recommend switching to weekly or daily view to check your double-booked appointments. The monthly view of your Setmore calendar does not display double-booked appointments side-by-side, as in the screenshot below.

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