If you need to prevent clients and customers from booking online for an extended period of time, Setmore allows you to easily turn off online booking. Your Booking Page will still exist, but online visitors will see a message that booking is temporarily suspended.

Note: The option to deactivate online booking is not currently available in the mobile app. Mobile app users may still log into the web portal and follow the instructions below to turn off online booking.

An image of the Setmore Line Break

Pause online booking

The Apps & Integrations, Configure and Customization icons
  • Under "Turn Subpages On/Off," turn the toggle switch for both the Book Appointment and Book Class subpages to the Off position. 

The Turn Subpages on/off feature
  • Confirm your changes. Online booking is now deactivated until you restore either subpage. When online visitors land on your Booking Page, they will see this message:

The Booking Page suspended message

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