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Deactivate Your Booking Page
Deactivate Your Booking Page

How to deactivate your Booking Page and pause taking new appointments from customers online.

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If you need to prevent customers from booking online for an extended period of time, consider deactivating your Booking Page. Your Booking Page will still exist, but visitors will see a message that self-booking is temporarily suspended.

Note: The option to deactivate online booking is not currently available in the mobile app. However, mobile app users can deactivate by logging in via web and following the instructions below.

How to pause online booking⏸

  • Log into the web app and navigate to Settings > Booking Page > Overview > Booking preferences > Sections.

  • Flip the switches next to ‘Book Appointment’, ‘Services’ and ‘Staff members’ off.

  • Confirm your changes. Online booking is now deactivated until you restore one or more of these sections. Your Booking Page will no longer be active.

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