Every Setmore account comes with a free customer-facing booking page that enables you to take appointments and class bookings from your customers online. This booking page is identified via a unique URL that can be found in your Setmore account. Here’s how you can access that URL in the Setmore mobile app:

Sharing your Booking Page

Steps to share the Booking Page from the Setmore mobile app
  1. In the bottom navigation, tap the More button.
  2. In the More menu, tap the option for Share booking page.
  3. Select which app you would like to share your Booking Page to, or tap Copy to place the Booking Page URL on your clipboard so you can paste it manually. 

You may customize your online Booking Page by adding your own logo and contact information, but this can only be done only from the desktop app or the browser-based version of Setmore, and not the mobile app. Learn more about customizing your Booking Page here.

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