The Calendar Stats feature will show you an income tally for the appointments on your calendar, based on the sum of all appointments' service cost.

Viewing calendar stats in the mobile app

Calendar stats, referred to as This Week's Income in the mobile app, displays in the bottom row of your Agenda View

Setmore mobile app showing weekly income stats.

The value displayed represents the sum total of all appointments displayed on your agenda, and will update automatically as new appointments are added or rescheduled.

A view of the week's calculated income.

You can deactivate this feature if the weekly total is distracting or isn't needed. 

  • Start by going to Account > Settings. 
Tapping Account and choosing Settings
  • Then, scroll down to Show Weekly Income and tap the toggle switch to turn it off.
Enabling the switch next to Show Weekly Income

Viewing calendar stats in the web app

Weekly stats work a little differently in the Setmore web app. To view your stats, mouse over the graph icon in the top right corner of your calendar.

Viewing the weekly stats on the Setmore web app
  • Confirmed income is the sum total for appointments that have already occurred. 
  • Projected income is the sum total for appointments that have not yet occurred.

The stats will automatically adjust based on what you currently see on your calendar. If you change the calendar view to Monthly, your calendar stats will show monthly totals instead, and so on.

If the calendar stats are distracting or not needed, you can turn them off.

  • Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of your calendar and click Hide calendar stats.
Hiding the calendar stats through the Settings icon
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